Friday, March 04, 2005


Some ideas from Debbie and John, with contributions from Norm:Answers to Tim's Questions

Curriculum Subcommittee
Draft ideas

What kinds of technological tools best complement the curriculum?
Laptop computers, multimedia projectors, Smart boards, graphing
calculators, science tools, iPods,
Software – maintain updates for Microsoft, Windows, etc.
Technology utility cart with all equipment available at all times

How can technology best be integrated into the curriculum and who can lead the development and implementation of this?
Best integrated by reworking current lessons to seamlessly use technology as a learning tool – don’t change the content of the lesson – adapt the way it’s taught
Led by individual teachers interested in using technology – one teacher on each team assigned as technology lead, technology integration specialists – 2 FTE, consultant (Tim), students helping students and teachers (STARS at Notre Dame Prep)

How will using technology change textbook adoption and content monitoring?
Textbooks online to be used as a supplement to classroom content
Removal of hardcopy textbooks, copybooks – use Word to take notes
Need stronger curriculum guidelines to use as basis for content

How will technology alter student’s assessment practices, the match between curriculum and state testing programs, and accountability policies related to testing and evaluations?
Online testing, alternative assessments, cooperative group projects, simulations, game based learning
Will promote better writing
Accountability – set policy guidelines for discussion boards, online testing

How can technology help students demonstrate what they have learned (e.g. electronic portfolios, video products, etc.)?
Portfolios for each student that is cumulative through out all years here
Students responsible for building own portfolios, can reflect on their learning
Teacher electronic portfolios need to be added
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