Friday, March 11, 2005


Plan Outline from Sandy

St. Mary’s Schools Information Technology Plan 2005-2008

1. Introduction
2. Mission & Vision
3. Status Report – Progress since last plan
4. Plan Purpose
5. Technology Program Constituencies – identify and define constituencies, survey capabilities and needs*, and define goals and objectives to meet needs for each constituency
• Students
• Teachers
• Administrators (Principals and staff; Development Office)
• Parish Staff
• Parents
• Community (coordinate with Parish Long Range Planning committee to identify constituencies and needs)
6. Curriculum Development
• Describe high achievement curriculum based on digital content and technology tools
• Identify steps to develop high achievement curriculum (map elements of curriculum to goals/objectives identified for students (and other constituencies?))
• Define technical capabilities* needed by technology tool(s) to support high achievement curriculum
• Summarize estimated cost and schedule to achieve curriculum goals
7. Technology Education and Training
• Technology training/education needed by each constituency (map needs to goals/objectives identified for each constituency)
• Issues to consider
 incentives for teacher professional development
 role of computer labs
• Summarize estimated cost and schedule to achieve education and training goals
8. Technology Infrastructure
• Describe current network structure, capacity, and capabilities
• Describe future (four year) evolution of infrastructure (map changes to goals/objectives identified for constituencies)
• Issues to consider
 power supply (including battery use and recharging)
 physical security (lockers, etc.)
 other
• Summarize estimated cost and schedule to achieve infrastructure goals
9. Technology Program Cost and Funding Strategy
• Estimated capital and operating costs
• Multi-year budget plan and spending priorities
• Funding sources and strategies
10. Implementation Plan
• Public relations (parent education) plan
• Decision points for selecting technology tool(s) (e.g., laptop, tablet, PDA), rollout plan, other
• Implementation schedule

*Skills, Capabilities, Uses of Technology to Consider in Defining Needs of Constituents
• Reference
• Research
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Independent learning
• Remote learning
• Content development
• Web site development and maintenance
• Web logs (blogs)
• Computer lab use
• Desktop publishing
• Data management
• Information storage and retrieval
• Accounting
• Graphic and/or artistic activities
• Computation and analysis
• Programming
• What else?

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