Saturday, February 12, 2005



There is a substantial body of research of what happens to in one to one classrooms in the anytime anywhere learning mode. I was a taken aback a bit by the notion that there is no research supporting the idea that learning improves in the connected classroom with one to one computing so I went out looking. There is a wonderful article of the latest findings of what happens in a connected classroom by Anne Davis, "Finding Proof of Learning in a One-To-One Classroom". A wonderful summary of its conclusions can be found at The Online Journal-Research in Action. The beauty of the summary is that is not only provides Davies' research finding but also provides additional research projects that support the idea. I have ordered a full copy of the report in hard copy. I believe that the outcomes on the left side of the summary can form the basis of our tech plan on curriculum and where we intend to take learning at St. Mary’s. I will try to put together a working document for us to dig into by the 15th as planned based on these ideas. Once we settle on these we can start to rough in a training scheme to accomplish that goal.

I agree with Brandon Hogan's idea of increasing the number of contributors to the working committee and suggest that I invite at least the department chairs from both schools to join the Blog and help us to create this document. Bubble up from the bottom!
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