Saturday, February 12, 2005

I’ve been reading articles and talking to people about where we should go with this task. Margaret has stressed that it is important that we present information that will help parents understand why we feel we need to go to a one to one program. Sandy has asked that we describe a “high achievement curriculum.” I think we all agree that technology is a tool that will not change what we teach, but the way we teach it. To try to address both of the above purposes, I would like to suggest that we look at identifying the way teachers teach and how students learn. Perhaps we can demonstrate to parents how the technology fits into those categories.

From research I’ve done, I have come up with a list of “curricular goals.” Could we elaborate on these with the idea of explaining to parents how and why technology can be used to further their children’s education? Could we meet and brainstorm examples of how technology could address each of these? This could then be used as a framework for the curriculum piece of the tech plan.

How Teachers Teach

Promote active learning
Promote multidisciplinary learning
Promote interactive instruction
Provide performance based assessments
Address needs of different learning styles
Complement curriculum objectives with use of electronic communication
Reinforce curricular goals interactively and in real time
(I think this one especially supports one to one laptops)
Teacher becomes a facilitator

How Students Learn

Employ higher level thinking skills
Employ problem solving skills
Are active learners
Learning is collaborative
Learning is multidisciplinary
Learning is project based
Learn by different learning styles
Are self directed learners
Multimedia learning environment addresses how 21st century learners learn
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