Friday, February 11, 2005


Community Input

I’d like to build upon Debbie’s questions about defining our goals. I’m not so much concerned about what our specific goals are, but how and who helps create them. The committee seems to be isolated from many of the other parts of the St. Mary’s community. There seems to be very little direct input from both the faculty and administration in the elementary and high school. As a result we may find ourselves setting goals or implementing ideas which will not be well received or even rejected absolutely. I feel that we should have a better representation from both the faculty and administration at meetings. I’m not sure if this means inviting more people, changing the meeting time or just pressing existing members to attend more frequently, but we do need their input if the plan is to succeed. I know Norm is focused on bottom-up change but I think that in order to implement our plan there will have to be pressure--in many areas--coming from the top-down.
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