Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Defining our task

I had understood that the task of this subcommittee was to write the "curriculum" piece of the St. Mary's Technology plan. I'm not sure we have a consensus of what that is or what we should be addressing. It seems like we have turned into a committee of "How do we prove to parents that we need one-to-one laptops?" What is our focus? If we are defining what the curriculum looks like with individual laptops, we should be thinking about collaborative, project based, active and interactive learning, etc. I don't think those are necessarily selling points to parents. Can we define our purpose first before we go further with this?

It sounds like your committee needs to establish a set of goals and objectives that are guiding your curriculum desisions and creation. Have you all established a tool for measuring these goals and objectives? Are you establishing milestones that can be reported bact to the entire technology committee? Let me know if I can help...Tim
I think you are right Debbie and that we are doing just what you suggested. We started out with the idea of electronic portfolios. We need to expand that and work with the training and infrastructure committees to make sure we can do it. Let go full force with project based and interactive learning ideas. Let us start a list and begin to write somethings down. Let us also begin to have a dialogue about how this changes our classrooms and how the technology is more communicative rather than productive. (both actually) Yeah, we are finally getting down to it! What should the curriculum piece look like?
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