Tuesday, January 11, 2005


An Article to read

I placed an article on my STM website Norm's website that I think gives us a starting place for our argument. Marci Glasmer tells us that students must take charge of their own learning. Our job is to translate that statement into concrete plans and to show how laptops allow us to things in ways that we can't do them now.

Very good article and especially useful for thinking about how teachers need to prepare for becoming a laptop school.

Also, lets make sure we don't loose sight of the parents, who are our primary target, as we discuss reinventing learning.
Yes, this was a good article that pinpointed some of the underlying fear of change and thus, resistance to change.
One of the fears might be expressed as "What will my child learn if he/she is turned loose on a computer?" "What on earth will be taught if it all comes out of that machine?"
Those to be persuaded need to understand that the "curriculum" (read content) of any courses taught will not become chaotic but enriched and enhanced, guided and shaped by skilled faculty and creatively charged students.
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